1. Only schools in India recognized by Central & State Boards of India, can participate.
  2. This competition shall be conducted only online through web portalwww.pcracompetitions.org and on ground activation there after.

  3. It is mandatory for the Schools to conduct the competitions in school premises in a fair manner. It is requested that all eligible (maximum number of) students take the online quiz, as it will add to their knowledge and is in National interest.
  4. Eligibility: Students of classes 8, 9 & 10.
  5. Questions shall pertain to Fuel Conservation, Environment, General Studies etc.
  6. The schools shall register the names of all Students against the school ID on the portalwww.pcracompetitions.org . All the students can then participate as Individuals in First Round. Each student shall be given a time limit of 10 minutes to attempt the quiz of 10 questions.
  7. Software will select the two best scoring participants, who will form the School team.
  8. The School team (two best scoring participants) shall then participate in the second round or District level round, by logging in the portal, in school premises itself. This round will have 15 questions with a time limit of 10 minutes. The last date for participating at District level is 15th Oct. 2018.
  9. The best school team (winner) at District level shall be informed by email by PCRA. This team shall participate in third round by logging in the portal, in school premises itself, to compete for becoming State Level Winners. This round will have 30 questions with a time limit of 15 minutes
  10. The Window for State level shall open on 20th Oct. 2018. The last date for participating at State level is 30th Oct. 2018.
  11. The State Level winners (school team) shall be invited to participate in offline Zonal Rounds to be held at Delhi, for deciding the Zonal Finalists. The date and venue shall be advised by Email to the schools.
  12. The Zonal Finalists will be invited to participate in the National Finals
  13. PCRA shall bear expenses of travel.
  14. The schools shall be informed / intimated about the winners at each level on the web portal itself as well as through emails.
  15. Competition Period:01.07.2018 to 15.10.18 for online Quiz competition upto District level only.

    Please check our portal www.pcracompetitions.org or website www.pcra.org/competitions.html for more details or contact PCRA on: 011-26715360 or email : contact@pcracompetitions.org

Important Guidelines

  1. The decision of the Jury/Expert committee appointed by PCRA will be final and binding in respect of all matters concerning the competition.
  2. Children of employees of PCRA are not eligible for the prizes.
  3. Schools should try to hold the competitions as early as possible to avoid last minute rush in submission.

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